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Driving for Economy

With fuel prices reaching all time highs and more increases on the way, is there anything that drivers can do to help? There is. Here are a few tips on keeping your fuel bills to a minimum on journeys.

Idling - start the engine when you are ready to leave, idling an engine uses more fuel and slows down warm-up times.

Be smooth – drive as smoothly as possible, minimise acceleration and braking cycles. Slow down smoothly to avoid sharp braking.

Anticipate – ahead, slow down in plenty of time and avoid sudden changes in speed.

Keep rolling – if possible keep the car moving all the time, stopping and starting uses more fuel

Change early - through the gears and avoid labouring the engine.

Air conditioning - uses more fuel, keep it low or off altogether.

Switch off - electrics not in use, e.g. heated window as the electrical load uses more fuel.

Watch your speed – not only to stay within limit, but also improve consumption. Driving at 60mph rather than 70mph saves you 9% fuel (Dept of Transport figures)

In traffic – if you are likely to be stationary for more than three minutes switch off, it saves fuel.

Wind resistance - increases consumption so remove roof boxes or racks when not in use.

More weight - more fuel. Remove any excess items from the boot that you will not need on this journey.