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Alastair Reid Garages - About your brakes

Alastair Reid Garages brake repairsBoth brakes and shock absorbers work together as essential safety elements of your vehicle. Having brakes that work within specification are essential for a vehicle to be able to stop within a safe distance, whether through normal stopping motion or in an emergency.

The shock absorbers work with the steering system to ensure a safe operation of the vehicle. Wear and tear on either brakes or shock absorbers can lead to uneven tyre wear and can seriously impact the safety of your vehicle.

Having brakes and shock absorbers checked regularly in Perth is important and at the first sign of wear and tear have them replaced. Ensuring brakes and shock absorbers work to the correct specification is probably the single most important safety feature you have on your vehicle. Alastair Reid Garages will check your brakes and shock absorbers to ensure safe and correct operation and advising on replacements when requested as necessary.

A visit to Alastair Reid Garages ensures

  • You are looked after by our by our skilled and dedicated technicians
  • Enables a comprehensive inspection of brakes to check all is working correctly

Alastair Reid Garages brake repairsEnsure you take care of your brakes and they will take care of you. Many drivers don’t give the brakes a second thought, even though they are the most important of safety equipment on any vehicle.

Watch out for common brake problems

  • Grinding noise when braking - Grinding or metal-on-metal can be a sign of serious problems.
  • Car veering to the right or to the left when braking.
  • Squealing noise when braking - Squealing indicates that the pads are wearing thin.
  • Loss of brake efficiency - If the brake pedal feels soft, spongy or goes almost to the floor before engaging.
  • Juddering brakes - Vibration in the pedal or vehicle when braking may indicate that the brake discs are in need of replacement.
  • Shaking steering when braking - Vibration in the pedal or vehicle when braking may indicate that the brake discs are in need of replacement.

If any of these issue are noticeable or you are unsure about the performance of your brakes then contact Alastair Reid Garages to have them checked. You and your passenger's lives may depend on it.

When it comes to car fault analysis and diagnostics you want a service that will quickly and accurately diagnose the issue to ensure a swift resolution. Alastair Reid Garages is second to none with the latest state-0f-the-art diagnostic tools at your disposal supported by model specific experts.

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Modern vehicles, employ complex electronics and control systems and need to be serviced right. Having access to specialist equipment is essential in ensuring optimum performance while checking all vehicle systems are operating perfect leading to trouble-free motoring for you.

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Alastair Reid Garages are one of very few independent garages in Scotland that have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and training for our team members. Providing you with dealer level diagnostics and repairs. You can be confident that your car is repaired to the highest standard.

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Suppliers deliver their vehicles with a software and management configuration that is a trade-off to match the performance of the vehicle across global markets. Changing the performance characteristics of your car for your particular driving needs can give economy and performance gains.

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Why use Alastair Reid Garages?

Member of Good Garage Scheme - customer feedback available online

Peace of mind - knowing our trained technicians have access to the latest information for your vehicle

Full range of services in Perth garage and Guildtown garage - MOT, servicing, tyres, exhausts, engineering etc.

All makes and models of vehicles serviced and repaired

The only dedicated auto electrical repair service in a Perth garage

Know your costs - no hidden charges, service costs fixed upfront

We value your business and will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with every aspect of your visit

Proven - established in Perth area for over 60 years

Understanding your needs - independent Perth garage

Delivering consistent service focused on your needs and time-scales

Quality - feel safe with our 12 months parts and labour guarantee

Consistency - we subscribe to SMTA, Motor Codes and OFT Codes of Practice

Save time - we use the latest diagnostics equipment available in the industry

Convenience - choose Perth Garage our city centre location or Guildtown, with free courtesy car

Manufacturers Warranty is protected

Save money - our fixed and repair rates save you money on main dealer prices

Visit with Confidence

You can visit Independent Alastair Reid Garages in complete confidence, knowing you will be looked after. Not only do we guarantee all of our work (parts and labour) for 12 months, we also subscribe to codes of practice. As a Bosch appointed service centre we adhere to the OFT code of conduct for garages, in addition we are members of the Scottish Motor Trade Association, Good Garage Scheme and Motor Codes, all of which give you security in the knowledge we will take care of you and your vehicle. In the unlikely event that you wish to challenge the work that Alastair Reid Garages have undertaken, then please contact the garage directly in the first instance. Should you not be happy that this issue is resolved then you can contact Motor Codes via their website, they provide dispute resolution services on behalf of Alastair Reid Garages.